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Tuah Bot

Tuah Bot allow students to explore coding and robotics in a very interactive way

Arduino and mBlock

Arduino Library and mBlock extension available for easy adoption

Thinking Skills

Tuah Bot challenges students to think out of the box

National Level Competition

Join National level Competition using Tuah Bot

Young Engineers

Empasize on STEM allowing the students to excel at school

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps Available to download from Play Store

Motorized Robot with Pre-Built Function

Tuah is a basic Arduino Nano based motorized robot that can perform line follow, light detection, infrared distance detection, bluetooth communication and controlled remotely using a mobile apps.

Easy to use building Instruction

The Tuah Building kit contains simple component with easy to use instruction. A Mobile Apps is also available in Play Store to control the robot using bluetooth and voice command.

Mobile Apps with Voice Command

Tuah Mobile Apps can be downloaded from Play Store. Apps allow user defined keys and voice command.

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Arduino Library and mBlock Extension

Arduino Library can be downloaded from here. mBlock Extension is also available for download.

Mobile Apps for Android can be downloaded from the Play Store. Click this link to download.

Tuah mobile apps allow user to control the robot through bluetooth using your Android mobile phone. You can use voice command to control the movement of your robot as well.

Arduino Library can be downloaded here. Library include several sample function of the robot. You can control the robot using Mobile Apps by uploading the example TuahBotExamples.

Block Programming allow students to understand the concept easier. We have develop extension that can be used with MakeBlock apps. This allow easy block programming for students. Please use mBlock 3.411. Click Manage Extension –> then select the Extension.

Tuah mBlock Extension allow you to do basic control for Tuah bot including motor control, basic line follow, LED control, Ultrasocnic and Bluetooth- Mobile Apps.

Please upload TuahBotExample to use the Tuah Mobile Apps or use JoystickTuah to use the Tuah Joystick. Both Mobile Apps are available in Play Store.

Pathfinder Extension is provided by myDuino for advanced Path following and line follow using PID. Please download explanation to use here

Download Explanation for Pathfinder

3D design for the cover of Tuah is avaialbe to download here. You can use this file to print your own cover with a 3D Printer